KD Range

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Featuring milspec targetry in vivid 1080P virtual immersion, KD Range is a fundamental element of Laser Shot's comprehensive marksmanship instruction curriculum.

KD Range provides a LOMAH (Location of Misses And Hits) indicator to provide instant feedback to the shooter /instructor on the accuracy and grouping of shots fired. These added features greatly reduce the amount of time required for a shooter to become proficient with their weapon system at varied distances.



The primary objectives of KD Range are to:
  • Teach the shooter to determine relative size of targets by distance
  • Make sight adjustments for target distance (depending on the optic system used)
  • Experience the effect of wind and bullet drop depending on the ballistics of the round used
  • Practice accurate and repetitive shot grouping



  • Vivid 1080P immersive experience
  • Variety of milspec targetry on a virtual range
  • Relative target size to distance
  • LOMAH indicator for instant feedback
  • Wind simulation
  • Ballistic simulation for multiple caliber rounds

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