PMI: Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction

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Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) is designed specifically for small arms skill development, sustainment, and qualification with marksmanship standards straight from field manuals, such as FM 3-22.9, MCO 3574.2L, and OP NAV INST 3591.F.

With this powerful courseware, trainees can concentrate on zeroing, grouping, and qualify without having to go to the range or draw ammunition and other resources, allowing leaders to transform a soldier's downtime into quality, milspec, on-demand training.

PMI supports up to four training lanes per projector/screen, quadrupling the trainee capacity of other qualification courseware titles. Multiple simulators can be networked together to create an indoor virtual training facility with higher throughput, fewer liabilities, and less time lost than the live-fire equivalent.

Virtual marksmanship training has been proven to meet or exceed the effectiveness of live-fire training in numerous studies and provides additional value such as a hearing-safe training environment where instructors can be easily heard by the entire firing line, the ability of instructors to "get up close and personal" on and in front of the firing line, and immediate data feedback to the instructor as to shot placement, timing, and even the condition of every weapon with Laser Shot's Series 2 - SMART™ weapons.



  • Immediate feedback
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Scalable for higher throughput
  • Accurately sized targets and scoring
  • Comprehensive after action review
  • Instructor screen for real-time monitoring
  • Database of individuals and training history
  • Capable of augmenting live-fire qualification


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