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Laser Shot Simulators are compatible with VBS3 (Virtual Battlespace 3) and can easily integrate with networking multiple units or combining to existing client assets that utilize VBS3 for larger collective training exercises. VBS3 facilitates less expensive, more efficient live-training events by allowing service members and leaders to exercise on a variety of tasks at the “crawl”, “walk” and “run” levels of proficiency. VBS3 enables service members and leaders to enter their training event at a higher level of readiness, reducing the resources required to achieve proficiency. The software is free to authorized users under a US Army enterprise license.

Endless training scenarios can be created and edited as needed to adjust to specific training requirements. The VBS3 Tactical Weapon Simulator modules included are specifically written to integrate real or simulated weapon training simulations that can be employed for both individual and small unit tactical exercises.

  • Fully compatible with the VBS3 Desktop Trainer
  • Multiple camera fields-of-view
  • Build a virtual firing range quickly and easily using the VBS3 Mission Editor.
  • Shot tracking and after action review
  • Construct specific missions based on your training needs
  • Realistic environmental conditions including rendering of natural light sources (sun, moon), shadows, weather conditions and an accurate star field.
  • Mission rehearsal and/or AO familiarization
  • Tactical training, up to the combat team level
  • Combined Arms or Joint Training
  • Convoy training (including integration of virtual reality)
  • IED defeat analysis of options (decision support)
  • Fire support / forward air controller training
  • Complimentary virtual environment for live and constructive simulation or crew procedural trainers
  • Navigation
  • Mission simulation (for example aviation elements practicing LZ procedures
  • Vehicle checkpoints and area control
  • Helicopter loadmaster training
  • Procedural training for UAV operators
  • Visualization of weapon effects
  • Weapon (or platform) familiarization or experimentation


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