Ballistic & Non-Ballistic Shoot Houses

Shoot House Overview Shoot House Overview 2
As the engineer and fabricator of the Digital Modular Shoot House, Laser Shot is able to provide a “turn-key” custom designed close quarters shooting facility to match any agency’s training objectives and budget. The Digital Shoot House provides a custom platform to integrate all Real Combat™ technologies, providing a shooter with an immersive 3D virtual world. 

Digital Modular Shoot Houses enable full-immersion experiences with life-sized, complete virtual worlds projected onto the walls of the facility. Each facility has the ability to “network with” other simulations via HLA/DIS protocols. Breaching options include explosive, pry, ram, and shotgun breaching doors and “break-n-rake” breaching windows

  • Available with man-moveable walls for continual interior reconfiguration
  • Built to your specific needs – available in almost any size with two-story configurations available
  • Includes 99.97% HEPA filtrated HVAC system
  • Exclusive Thermal Shot™ Live Fire Virtual Targetry System provides an immersive close quarters training environment
  • Includes a complete integrated operator station
  • Shore power connection standard with live fire facilities (diesel generator optional)

CQB: Close Quarters Battle Simulator

Laser Shot’s Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Simulator features realistic, life sized avatars that are Laser Shot’s Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Simulator features realistic, life sized avatars that are projected onto wall surfaces and react as authored by the user friendly editing module within the instructor control station. Animations mimic kneeling, crouching, walking, running, taking cover, escalating hostility, firing, wounding, and death. Ultra short throw projection technology enables teams to enter and clear rooms without interfering with the projection or hit detection.

Laser Shot Virtual Shoot House (LVS) courseware simulates realistic close quarter engagement scenarios with life-sized 3D character models to mimic the movements and reactions of real humans. LVS incorporates an easy to use and intuitive user interface allowing the instructor to quickly manipulate and configure the training system from the operator station. The LVS courseware allows for the authoring of scenarios and offers an extensive after action review capability which provides detailed data on shot placement.

Laser Shot provides virtual targetry solutions in Laser Shot provides virtual targetry solutions inexisting CQB facilities, both ballistic and nonballistic,or classroom environments. Likewise, Laser Shot offers a variety of ballistic or nonballistic structures that provide customers with a turn-key solution. Laser Shot’s virtual targetry operates with simulated weapons that emit lasers for a more controlled, safety conscious training or fitted with thermal cameras that allow for the usage of the warfighter’s own service weapons and ammunition. Providing the ballistic construction of the facility, Laser Shot can accommodate either or both technologies.



  • Accurate target sizing ratio
  • Monolithic instructor control station
  • Customizable and scalable
  • Available in both ballistic (livefire) and non-ballistic (laser-based) configurations


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