Container Range: Compact Live-Fire Facility

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SRT installs the latest shooting range technologies in a compact self-contained unit through the use of modified 40’ shipping containers, which can be connected end-to-end for a maximum shooting distance of 100 meters. These ranges are in use by firearm manufacturers who need a testing range, police and military units who have frequent training and qualification needs. Optionally, Laser Shot’s powerful Thermal Shot technology can transform each Container Range into a virtual training center featuring challenging software with moving targets at simulated distances.



  • Turnkey indoor firearms training facility includes HVAC, trap, lighting, etc.
  • Modified standard HC-40’ ISO shipping container(s) maintain affordability
  • Use singly or join multiple mid-section containers to accommodateUse singly or join multiple mid-section containers to accommodatedistances to 100 meters
  • Multiple rubber and steel bullet trap choices to fit individual needMultiple rubber and steel bullet trap choices to fit individual need(granulated rubber, snail, Svalin, etc)
  • Easily moveable with crane and flatbed
  • Can be located in most any flat, level area that offers minimal support
  • OSHA, NIOSH, NEHC, NAVFAC and EPA compliant for airflow and discharge
  • Low electrical power requirement (220VAC)
  • Standard 7.62mm x 51 capable
  • Virtual targetry with Thermal Shot technology
  • Instructor control station
  • Soundproofing
  • Exterior / interior paint
  • Interior lighting


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