Mobile Range: Towable Shooting Solution

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The Mobile Range is a completely self-contained live-fire training facility, transportable by standard over-the-road methods, without special permitting. Available in several target distances including 7, 10, and 25 yards/meters. A ‘drive-up’ solution providing on-site, live-fire training. The Mobile Range can be customized to include monorail targets, shooting booths and/or Laser Shot’s Thermal Shot ™ live-fire simulator. Other custom options available.



  • 360 degree containment with AR500 armor 360 degree containment with AR500 armorplate steel provides Zero-Surface-Danger-Zone.
  • 100% purge-only ventilation system with 100% purge-only ventilation system with 99.97% HEPA-filtered exhaust. Recirc/AC available.
  • 14” ballistic rubber block trap backed with ½”14” ballistic rubber block trap backed with ½” AR500 armor plate rated for ball ammunition 7.62mm x 51.
  • Fully insulated (thermal/acoustical)
  • Double air wall ensures shooter air quality and quick contaminant removal
  • Exclusive Thermal Shot™ Live-fire Simulator System
  • Range Master’s Office/Control Room with complete operator station including: 
    • Two-way intercom system
    • Targetry controls
    • Ventilation and lighting system controls
    • Shore power connection
  • DOT approved tandem axle chassis
  • HVAC/ Purge Ventilation System
  • Diesel Generator
  • Bullet Trap
  • Armor Plate walls and floor
  • Armored Shroud
  • Armor Plate Safety Ceiling
  • Laminar Air Wall



  • Dual-mode (purge/recirculating) HVAC with heat and air conditioning, 99.97% HEPA-filtered exhaust/return
  • Inclined granular rubber bullet trap system
  • Extended Target Distance (25m Max)
  • Two or three lane target retrieval system with shooting booths (not available in 40’ unit)
  • Virtual targetry with Thermal Shot technology Instructor control station
  • On-board sound attenuated diesel generator and many more available upon request


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