MSAR: Modular Small Arms Range

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The Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR) training device provides a DoD-compliant (UFC-4-179-02), zero-surface-danger-zone, 25 to100m, alternative solution to the standard constructed indoor firing range. The completed MSAR includes a weathertight enclosure, and all range systems such as OSHA/NIOSH/EPA/ASHRAE compliant HEPA-filtered ventilation, ballistic containment, sound isolation,target, lighting, communication, controls and safety/emergency/fire detection-notification systems. Weapons cleaning and ammo storage, as well as restroom/washing, and classroom module options are also available.

MSAR offers choices in bullet traps and target systems, including Laser Shot’s patented Thermal Shot™ Live-fire Virtual Targetry System. MSAR is a turnkey small arms training solution - Just provide a solid, level foundation/support for anchorage and utility connections under minor MILCON and we’ll do the rest! Modular prefabrication can drastically shorten acquisition time and simplify procurement requirements. MSAR is the first and only (as of August2021) operational modular firing range placed within DoD to be fully compliant with UFC-4-179-02.


  • 360° enclosed AR-500 armored shooting bay - No Surface-Danger-Zone required
  • 99.97% HEPA-filtered ventilation/HVAC compliant with DoD UFC-4-179-02 and NEHC-TM6290.99-10
  • Meets all applicable NIOSH, ASHRAE, OSHA, EPA and additional UFC-4-179-02 requirements
  • Only indoor range certified for use with EPR (M80A1 and M855A1) ammunition (w/up-armor option)
  • Modular assembly and training device classification can simplify and shorten procurement/contracting
  • “Green” Range with complete particulate and fragmented lead/dust containment & management
  • Noise pollution controls minimize the impact on neighbors and sound exposure to users
  • DoD-compliant steel bullet traps using proven designs
  • Multiple targetry options, including Laser Shot Thermal Shot™ Live-fire virtual targetry/video wall
  • Built-in Range Control Office with all system controls and full clear view of firing line and impact area
  • Standard 1-yr/5-yr/10-yr warranty on systems/structure/exterior (extended warranty available)
  • Three-year sustainment parts/consumables package and operations/maintenance packages available

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